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Why should your brain jump?
For many, it is probably the idea that muscles can be trained through various exercises. By lifting weights the biceps grow and the abdominal muscles get sixpack. Less well-known and crazy-minded thought is brain training. The brain can be seen as the same muscle as everyone else and can be trained, if not with exactly the same exercises, at least for certain types of exercises.

Cognitive functions are often referred to by those skilled in the art. They refer to various processes related to receiving, storing, processing and using information. Such processes include, for example, detection and identification, i.e. how a person identifies colors, shapes, objects or faces; various linguistic functions such as the ability to recognize and produce spoken or written language; but also thinking, reasoning and problem solving. It has indeed been discovered in scientific research that all these processes can be trained and can always be better.

For a long time, the idea was that neural cells would not regenerate and would not adapt to the new situation. Today, however, it is already known that neurons can both regenerate and change due to various stimuli. Nerve cells change physically when they are repeatedly exercised with a new stimulus. In the same way as a foreign language word may seem impossible to pronounce at first, but by repeated repetition, the pronunciation of the word eventually becomes correct. Likewise, the idea that "old" brain or nerve cells cannot learn new things was prevalent . Fortunately, contemporary art has shown this to be outdated. There are two important things in brain training. First of all, as in any other practice, the end result will suffer if the exercises are not repeated. The lessons learned are forgotten and the mass of 'muscle' is lost. Secondly, it is important to use exercises designed to practice a particular cognitive function. So you can't just grab any game, but you need an expert-designed nut. Fortunately, the web is full of different websites that provide tools for training.

A few more traditional games for brain training

Someone may argue that brainpower can only be done in digital form. It is good to gently tap them on the shoulder wrapped in a newspaper wrapped in a roll, with a crossword on the top of it. Crosses are the favorite of millions, and filling them can really help you remember the words.

An additional challenge to the grids is to set yourself a time limit. A bit newer is the favorite of many is Sudoku, a kind of crossword with numbers. Sudoku is told to work in memory (you have to keep several numbers in your mind at the same time), systematic (you have to plan your progress in the game), visual observation (one has to see what number is missing) and flexibility (when you find the wrong number in the box and fix it, use flexibility) . If you absolutely want to stay in the digital world, you get both crosswords and Sudoku played on your mobile.

Many people have had coloring books as their favorite child. 'What!?' You may ask now. Indeed, coloring tasks are a great way to train your brain. Mainly coloring engages your concentration. In most cases, the child and the coloring book will be silent with the colored pencils. Child concentration rarely gets rid of the coloring task. Concentration is by no means the only cognitive function performed by coloring tasks. When you choose colors, you will develop your creativity and control the pen skills on paper to improve your motor skills. Coloring tasks are also available for a cellphone or tablet. These also carry hand movements and often require more precise work than a pen and paper.

After training these cognitive activities with these traditional games, you can challenge yourself in the demanding and fast paced Baccarat . This card game is played with eight decks of cards, so it is enough to remember if you want to go on that road. You have the option of winning five different hands as a winner. You have to make decisions in the blink of an eye. Here are just a few examples of what skills are needed when playing Baccarat.

A few applications for brainstorming

So the brainpower has existed long before the youth knew how to dress. The traditional crossword is an excellent training tool, but unfortunately it only carries one and the same skill. Different mobile applications and websites often offer a wide range of games for all cognitive activities.

Different brain pump applications for mobile phones are found in the darkest dark.

Often they are only in English. Of course, playing in a foreign language for training your brain is only an advantage if your English skills are already good. The task may become overwhelming if the language is not yet sufficiently possessed. The most versatile of Finnish-language applications is the Memory Union for Brain Health! -application. It includes an information packet on brain 'health' and brain activating games. It also has a calendar reminder that reminds you of braining every day. Other fully Finnish-only applications focusing solely on brainstorming are not on the market. English speakers include NeuroNation, Lumosity and Elevate.

NeuroNation has divided the exercises according to the type of tasks they contain. The app includes number, language, reasoning, memory and detection exercises. Even though the exercises are divided in this way, it does not mean that they only perform one function. For example, number assignments train both mathematics skills and problem solving and logical thinking skills. Lumosity is the oldest of these English-language applications. In other words, it has accumulated the most experience and grinded its drills. Lumosity consists of small mini games that are played in a different mix every day. Of course, the application has a statistical section to help you track your progress, showing how your training has progressed. Elevate has clear illustrations and bright colors that make it comfortable to watch. Like Lumosity, Elevate also consists of mini games, which have around 30 apps. Elevate also raises the difficulty level automatically when it notices that the exercises have become easier for you.

A Few Tips To Improve Brainball Results

Even though your brain is already in this super-state at this stage, there are still a few ways you can tune them into a better idea. Many people know that a healthy diet maintains brain function. Research has shown that the more the diet contains fresh fruits and vegetables, the better the brain can.

Of course, alcohol should not be used abundantly and smoking is only bad for the brain. Smoking reduces blood circulation. Blood brings oxygen to the brain and the brain needs it to work hard. Perhaps the somewhat surprising recent research results show that physical exercise improves brain performance. Physical training does not have to be a sweat training in the gym, but a walk in your neighborhood drives the same thing.

Learning any new thing always keeps your brain healthy. If you already know how to play the guitar, replace the player for a few days. Start learning a new language. Research shows that the most effective brain training exercises are those that are complex, challenging, and new. When you challenge your brain to do things that they are not used to doing, you place them in a new situation where they have to question all previous information. Ukulele is smaller than a guitar and its sound is completely different. Although the movement of hands is similar to that of a guitar, the sound coming from the player makes your brain surprised. You get the same effect when you type with the hand you don't normally write. The task is extremely difficult at first and it is its purpose. The most effective brain exercises are those that demand the most.

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