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DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 20: Week 4 Costume Critique Noah and Sharna danced a Contemporary routine with Noah wearing basic taupe trousers, along with his tattoos and muscles. Sharna wore a pastel pink lace biketard with a pretty drape. Shoulder definition added drama to her deep V neckline (both front and back). I loved her costume, and I loved their performance! I do like when the show starts and ends strongly, and this week was no exception.

What is the most memorable lingerie manufacturer china year of your life? I don't know what I would choose if I were the celebrity, but we did get a peek into the contestant's lives this week on Dancing with the Stars!

Nastia and Derek started off the show, with their underwear manufacturer china Argentine Tango. The couple was dressed totally in black, looking classy and sophisticated. Nastia's black bejeweled lace costume with simple, plain A-line skirt was exquisite, with a beautifully sculpted neckline and un-noticed utilitarian elastic straps to keep her bodice on and in place. I loved it.

Michael and Peta then danced a moving Rumba in baby blue. The somber tone was reflected with no added glitz for Michael. Peta's ankle-length, sheer lace costume was feminine, sexy and classy, with lots of rhinestone embellishment, including her straps. I enjoyed their costumes.

It seemed to be a mono-chromatic week, with several couples in costumes that were all one color, as Riker and Allison were in bright, hot red. Riker was very dapper in his peak-lapelled, double-breasted suit with beautifully sprinkled red rhinestone trim. All of his accessory items were red. His dance partner was also resplendent in her red, middle-connect dress with her skirt flaring out from her knees. Wide rhinestoned straps added the ‘designer touch' to her costume. I loved both costumes separately and together.

Robert and Kym Waltzed to Robert's Mother's favorite song. Robert wore a traditional white tuxedo with tails and all white accessories. Kym was less traditional, in her pastel pink, sun-burst pleated skirt with bejeweled bodice. Her bra-top was covered with pearls and rhinestones and featured real straps that created a bare front midriff but with a covered lower back. It was a little cheesy, and would not have been flattering on other figure types with the frothy-yet plain organza skirt cut to her natural waistline. I didn't love it.

Chris and Witney danced the Rumba with Chris in a simple charcoal vest and pant with white shirt (with no glitz). Witney wore a light-colored (it was difficult to deduce what exact color it was), sheer chiffon middle-connect dress with bright pink, glitzy flower appliques decorating the upper section of her dress. Unfortunately the back of her bodice consisted of a center back drape, and visible elastic straps. This was one of my least favorite costume looks this week.

Patti and Artem then Jazz danced to a jazzy song of Miss LaBelle's from the 70's. Her royal blue fringed costume was very danceable and was flattering for her. With long sleeves with a row of fringe to enhance her movements, and scalloped fringe (created by sewing the fringe on, in a scalloped line instead of straight across) created a flattering visual, even with using long fringe that can look bulky. Artem wore trousers cut to his high-rise waistline with a short-sleeved knit top with open neckline – an homage to that era.

Rumer and Val performed a Waltz with charcoal grey as their color scheme. Val wore a satin charmeuse shirt with trousers – no glitz anywhere, and Rumer wore a wispy woven, semi-sheer double-georgette dress with the charcoal grey over a lighter color of grey. Her costume featured deep V's front and back with shoulder interest and a drape at her back waist, along with twisted fabric detailing and some rhinestones. Her look was young, unusual and edgy, and I loved it!

Suzanne was back to her vintage themed look, dancing a Foxtrot with a lavender satin Lycra ‘onesie' with an ankle-length overskirt, lined with white. Rhinestoned lapels, shirt-cuffs and suspenders accented her outfit. I watched ‘Three's Company' but I'm at a loss for the reason for the design of this costume, other than she wore short, shorts. Tony wore a basic black suit with white shirt and plaid tie. Jack on the show, sometimes wore a plaid shirt, but really, this is the only reference I recall, as to why this pair was costumed as they were. What would have made more sense? I'm really not sure, but I didn't love these costumes.

Willow and Mark wore Hunger Games inspired costumes for their Contemporary performance. Both were androgynous in their black car-wash skirts, leggings along with shoulder pad detailing. I enjoyed their costumes as much as the judges enjoyed their dance performance (lots!).

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