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Eli siis henkilökohtaisen tarkan syntymäaikani mukaan olisi v-loppuna otollinen tilanne matkustaa ja kappas vaan mulla onkin jo aiemmin sovittu koulutusmatka edessä ! Kai siitä voi samalla nauttiakin, avartaa taas ainakin näin kauniin kevään kynnyksellä päästä vähän vieraampaan paikkaan ! ;)

A pleasure trip

Valid during several weeks: This would be a good time to see an art exhibit that challenges your preconceived views about what is beautiful. Probably this will be entertaining rather than unsettling, and you will experience something new. Or you might go to a concert that features music entirely different from anything you have ever heard. This influence can signify a long and enjoyable pleasure trip. You will derive the most benefit from a trip to a place you have never seen before, where you can encounter something totally new. This is a fine time for a vacation. Your experience may be broadened through a loved one who shows you new things. Or something may happen that will teach you more about your relationship, not to disturb you but to increase your insight.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Venus in the 9th House, 9, from 04:34
activity period from 25 March 2010 until end of April 2010

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