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46 v


Lukeminen, musiikki, netti, juokseminen, digikuvaus, remontointi, autot, tuumailu & pohtiminen, yhdistystoiminta


Noin 82 kg, 188 senttiä ja 36 vuotta.

Työ, autot, valokuvaus, juokseminen, kaikenlainen remontointi, lukeminen ja tuumailu vie ajan...

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'There's a game out there and the stakes are high. And the guy who runs it figures the averages all day long and all night long. Once in a while he let's you steal a pot... But if you stay in the game long enough, you got to lose. And once you've lost, there's no way back. No way at all.'

DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like Part 2

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`I wonder,' he said to himself presently, `I wonder if this sort of car STARTS easily?'

Next moment, hardly knowing how it came about, he found he had hold of the handle and was turning it. As the familiar sound broke forth, the old passion seized on Toad and completely mastered him, body and soul. As if in a dream he found himself, somehow, seated in the driver's seat; as if in a dream, he pulled the lever and swung the car round the yard and out through the archway; and, as if in a dream, all sense of right and wrong, all fear of obvious consequences, seemed temporarily suspended. He increased his pace, and as the car devoured the street and leapt forth on the high road through the open country, he was only conscious that he was Toad once more, Toad at his best and highest, Toad the terror, the traffic-queller, the Lord of the lone trail, before whom all must give way or be smitten into nothingness and everlasting night. He chanted as he flew, and the car responded with sonorous drone; the miles were eaten up under him as he sped he knew not whither, fulfilling his instincts, living his hour, reckless of what might come to him.

From THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS by Kenneth Grahame

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