TOP5 Veggie Burgers in Helsinki

We chose them so you can enjoy them!

Vegetarianism and veganism is a rapidly growing culture, this trend is also reflected in the menu’s of restaurants all over the globe and our lovely hometown makes no difference. Almost every restaurant in Helsinki has at least one vegetarian option available, and in burger restaurants veggieburgers have already established their place.

We listened to tips from readers as well as our own experiences. Options we tasted ranged from Mushroom Burgers to Seitan and Soya patties. Burgers are not listed in order of rank, because all of them have their own merits.

Soi Soi

Soi Soin Jammin' burger on Vaasankadun klassikko.
Soi Soin Jammin' burger on Vaasankadun klassikko.

Soi Soi's legendary Jammin 'Burger is made of oat or rye bread with a soya schnitzel, home made seitan, smoked cheese (also available as vegan), tomato, lettuce, chili, garlic, pickles, minced onion and Soi Soi's vegan mayonnaise. You can also replace the cheese with pineapple.

There is a crunchy texture in the soya schnitzel and there's a lot of flavor and texture in seitan. The taste of the rich mayonnaise and the crispy fillings guarantee that you definitely won’t miss the meat. The suitably melted cheese between the fillings makes the experience perfect.

Naughty Brgr

Shroom brgr on todellinen herkkupala sienten ystäville.
Shroom brgr on todellinen herkkupala sienten ystäville.

The taste world of Shroom brgr comes from a starter dish by Australian restaurant called E'cco Bistro. Between the soft semi-brioch bun there is toasted and marinated Portobello mushroom, tapenade sauce made of kalamata olives, aioli (garlic mayonnaise), parmesan-rocket salad and citrus-truffle vinaigrette.

The dominating flavour is the strong umami flavor of Portobello. Salty tapenade and fresh rocket-parmesan salad give the burger a character, and the aioli makes the perfection. Semi-brioch bun is not too greasy, but soft and fluffy.

Social Burgerjoint

Social Burger Joint’s Brooklyn Burger is served vegan with a vegan bun and vegan mayonnaise. The burger is also available with a regular brioch roll and bronx mayonnaise. In either case, it always comes with two soya patties.

The taste and texture of the patty is surprisingly meaty. In addition to the double patty, the burger includes tomatoes, lettuce, pickled red cabbage, avocado hummus and bronx mayonnaise. The whole is abundant, the flavor is good and the patties have a pleasant texture. The burger is easy to eat by hand, and most importantly, it will vanquish your hunger.


Big Sister on Loosisterin suosituin vegeburgeri.
Big Sister on Loosisterin suosituin vegeburgeri.

The most popular of Loosister's many vegetable burgers is the Big Sister, which is made with self-made seitan steak, dried onion, vegan remoulade sauce, ketchup, salad and vegan cheddar. It also had plenty of votes in our Veggieburger survey.

The seitan steaks are thick and there are two of them. The remoulade sauce is good, but the ketchup seems to overpower the other flavours. However, the portion will not you leave hungry, thanks to a mountain of French fries.


Treffipubin vegeburgerin salaisuus on itse tehdyissä kastikkeissa.
Treffipubin vegeburgerin salaisuus on itse tehdyissä kastikkeissa.

Treffi pub's Veggieburger recipe changes a bit every time the menu changes. This summer's veggieburger includes Portobello mushrooms with a blue cheese filling, grilled crispy halloumi and homemade sauces. On the side there is also romaine lettuce, tomato, pickles and pickled red onion.

Heavenly sauces together with soft blue cheese and crispy halloumi make up a combination that makes portobelloburger perfect. If Treffipub's veggieburgers are always as good as this, it's no wonder that they are the most popular dishes of the seasonally changing menu.

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