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CES 2019 : Samsung ready to bet on robots?

Samsung was known for its televisions, washing machines and smartphones. It will now be necessary to add the robots that made a crashing entry at CES 2019.

Samsung wanted to play the surprise card at a press conference with the announcement and presentation of a robotics division. On the program, three robots and an exoskeleton quickly presented during the conference. Here are more details.

Samsung robot
Samsung robot

Samsung on all fronts
We are not yet at the stage where we can present the products in detail. The South Korean giant's announcement came as a surprise, raising many questions. However, we can already outline what is happening. Bot Care was the first robot presented by Samsung. A robot dedicated to the theme of health, assistance to the elderly or people in difficulty. Filled with medical monitoring technologies, it even has a feature to call for help alone or give yoga classes.

Samsung's second robot is the Bot Air. A garbage-like robot that can monitor the air quality in your environment, prevent you and even manage pollution if necessary. Finally, Bot Retail which will allow you to place an order and will also be able to make the delivery. An exoskeleton designed for athletes completes the set. The robots are very agile, with natural gestures and really seem to take us to a new level. For the time being, they are still in their initial stages. Samsung will now have to confirm before thinking about a large-scale launch.

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