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CraftsSelection’s Guide: How to Organize Your Craft Room Like a Pro

Organizing your craft room can be fun; however, most crafters find it a hassle. We are so invested in our craft that we sometimes undermine our surroundings, neglecting that dust and unhygienic space can ruin our project. Most importantly, needles or sharp scissors lying on the ground are unsafe. Yes, one can say that it's more of a need than a fun activity.

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Imagine this: You can't wait to start your next embroidery project. You're prepared to proceed with a lovely design you have in mind. As you reach your creative area, you realize your needles and embroidery floss are missing. Even if you recently arranged your craft equipment, the little necessities appear to have escaped you. Rather than jumping right into your project, you must search the many craft supplies for your embroidery supplies.

Do you recognize this scenario at all?

Suppose any of the above situations sound familiar to you. In that case, it might be time to use some craft room organization techniques to eliminate the aggravation and lost time that comes with disorganization.

The key to good organization is giving everything a "home" and ensuring everything is in its proper place. You can stay organized and locate what you need when you need it if you have a system in place. Remember that a neat home makes things less chaotic and stressful.

Use these craft room organizing ideas to arrange and conveniently locate your creative items rather than having them spread over the house. You won't ever "lose" any craft supplies again if you use these organizing techniques for your creative space!

5 Pro Tips To Organize Your Crafting Room

1. Maintain Accessibility

It's time to arrange everything now. Add little jars, containers, and oddball holders to your ensconced creative storage locations for an even more ideal and well-organized space while you're in it. Take into consideration these pointers and techniques that industry experts vouch for:

Holders for magazines

To keep your paper organized by color and size, use magazine holders. This will keep everything immaculate and give your bookshelves an eye-catching decorative element you won't ignore.


Use jars such as Mason jars or old baby food jars. Things like buttons, needles, pins, twine, and other items that get lost quickly in clutter are ideal for storing in them. One of our favorite things about jars is that you can save time from opening and closing drawers as you can get exactly what you're researching because the jars are transparent. Using magnetic strips on the underside of several of your shelves and storing items will make the best use of jars. This is an amazing space saver for people who need every last bit of open space for their workspace.

Utilize the old spaces

Consider turning an outdated kitchen island—whether you have one or not—into the focal point of your creative space. They can serve as a workstation for bigger projects and offer many extra storage advantages. Even with everyday objects, you can improvise a makeshift kitchen island.

Innovative Venues

Now that your space has shelves and bookcases, how will you keep everything on display? Consider setting up your space similarly to upscale hobby or craft stores. Ensure that everything is always clearly visible and easily accessible. If not, you'll probably forget and never need it (or, if you do need it for a project, purchase more!).

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Repurposed wine racks can be used to make the ideal yarn storage or converted from old spool racks into ribbon holders. Use these ideas as a starting point to design your unique area.

2. Door Storage

Numerous racks and organizers that are suitable for small spaces are available. Make sure it fits over your door, and, if possible, look for a customized one.

We adore racks that allow you to adjust the spacing between the storage baskets. In this manner, you can modify your shelves or baskets to suit the items you need to put on them precisely. It is possible that you can get one with a sizable basket at the base, which would be ideal for keeping wrapping material organized and stored.

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3. Give Your Space a Renovation

The next step is to use your freshly installed creative storage areas to transform your craft room. Use your imagined map and start bringing your creative space to life. Start by organizing and getting rid of whatever you don't use anymore. If you're overwhelmed by your possessions and don't want to transfer them all to a different room, start by organizing only one of your recently designated workplaces. Work on one area at a time using the floor plan you have already created. The numerous options rely on what you plan to create in your craft area. Perhaps you have a corner for sewing, wrapping, painting, scrapbooking, etc. As you complete each location, place your supplies close by. You are now prepared for some serious organizing after you have sorted everything out without putting anything away.

4. Arrange by Colors

It's difficult to argue against the aesthetic appeal of items arranged according to hue. It makes you feel happy and is an excellent method to maintain organization immediately. This is your chance to compensate for lost time if you didn't use it when you originally set up your creative area.

Sort the items on each workstation according to color to create a visually pleasing and easy-to-find arrangement.

5. Give Everything a Label

Label everything if you put items in opaque boxes or other storage containers. Thanks to this, you'll stay organized and be stress-free when searching for anything and everything. If you utilize drawers, mark each one with a specific purpose and group like items together as much as possible.

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Organizing your creative space at a specific time will prevent your supplies and leftovers from building up. Every year, set aside a designated calendar day to thoroughly clean every area of your craft room.

Make a self-imposed resolution to discard everything you haven't touched or utilized during the year. Establish an annual or bi-annual date that works for your creative flow if the kind of crafts you do takes a long time or you prefer to spread tasks out over several years.

Note down the date that you utilize each item in your notebook inventory. You buy a new notebook at the end of the year and throw away anything that doesn't have a date on it. Although this strategy is somewhat strict, it will keep your craft room tidy.

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