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..tullaan olemaan juovuksissa ! Sitä ennen on luvassa vähän treeniä ja vedonlyöntiä & sitten vaihdetaan rutiinista vapaalle.. =)

Rutiinista puheenollen, astrodienst povaa tälläistä.. >

Personal growth **

This will be a time of new activities and new encounters, some quite unexpected, that will generate both excitement and personal growth. You are not satisfied with your daily routine under this influence, which signifies a time when you can break away from the routine and introduce into your life fresh elements that will keep you alive psychologically. As a consequence of all this, you can do quite extraordinary things under this influence. In whatever you do, you will have the chance to show off aspects of yourself that others may not have known you had. You may not have known about them yourself. Consequently this is a time of personal growth and self-discovery that can be quite significant in your psychological development, as well as being positively exciting and interesting.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars Trine Uranus, , exact at 07:34
activity period from 28 February 2009 to 2 March 2009

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